How to Travel Italy: A Two Week Itinerary


So you fancy a trip to Italy but can't decide which areas to see? Back in 2017 I traveled across the beautiful country and it was one of the most amazing experiences to date. I highly recommend that you make more than one stop when visiting Italy, to really get a feel of this charming … Continue reading How to Travel Italy: A Two Week Itinerary

Should Cappadocia be on your Bucket List?


If you haven't already heard of Turkey's stunning region of Cappadocia, then type it into Instagram or Pinterest and the gorgeous balloon-filled sky photos will come flooding in. Once you've seen it, it's pretty hard to forget about. For myself, and I know many others, it is a destination that quickly scores itself high up … Continue reading Should Cappadocia be on your Bucket List?

How to Spend 48 Hours in The Peak District


Thinking of visiting the Peak District? Well, you should! The Peak District is the perfect place to visit with the family, friends or as a couple. Located right in the centre of England, the phenomenal views and gorgeous historic towns are something you HAVE to see! Though some of the main towns were a little … Continue reading How to Spend 48 Hours in The Peak District

Istanbul’s Hidden Gem – Beautiful Balat


With over 13 million tourists flooding into Istanbul from all over the world, it's safe to say that it is a very popular city. Known for it's beautiful cultural design and famous traditions, it is the city where two continents meet. If you've heard of it, you'll probably tell me that the 'must-dos' include the … Continue reading Istanbul’s Hidden Gem – Beautiful Balat

Colmar – The Town of Fairytales…


Colmar, Alsace Colmar is a town everybody must see at least once in their lives. Its beautiful architecture and cobbled streets transport you to another lifetime, whilst their friendly, warm welcome makes you feel right at home. Though it is a destination often filled with tourists, there is a very calm and peaceful feel in this … Continue reading Colmar – The Town of Fairytales…

How to spend 48 Hours in Seville.


48 Hours in Seville. Seville, a beautiful city located in the South of Spain is one that I am in total awe with. Its endless Spanish tiles and stunning architecture surrounds you as you wander through the narrow streets watching the horses trot through and the locals happily waving at one another. One cafe after … Continue reading How to spend 48 Hours in Seville.

Postcards from Cappadocia, Turkey

Cappadocia is a place that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. It's a stunning area in the middle of Turkey which is made up of caves, that once upon a time, people called home. The special thing about this region, and what brings most tourists to Cappadocia though, is the hundreds of … Continue reading Postcards from Cappadocia, Turkey