Castle Combe ft @monalogue

Castle Combe

Okay so before I talk about Castle Combe, I must first tell you how I found out about this beautiful place. I follow a gorgeous and inspirational girl on Instagram, named Ramona, Instagram name @monalogue. She is so inspiring and literally takes the most stunning photos of England that I have ever seen, she even makes it look like time was turned back by hundred years. So after I had been following her for a while, I started to notice her beautiful photos with her Morris Minor. Many of these photos had been taken in Castle Combe, and I couldn’t believe it was real so I just had to see it for myself!

So, we went! It was only a small village, small enough to walk through in less than five minutes, but I just didn’t want to leave. As soon as we did leave, I wanted to go back! You can look at as many photos of Castle Combe as you like, however when you go there you really realise how beautiful it is and I wish everywhere in England looked like this village. We didn’t manage to spend the whole day there or go into any restaurants or tearooms, as we were actually on our way to Wales. Anyway, we walked up and down quite a few times and took many photos of both myself and Lewis’ car in the gorgeous village. When it came to start blogging I thought there was no way I could not include Castle Combe! But I didn’t want to do this without giving credit to the person who inspired me to go, Ramona. So, I recently had a chat with Ramona about her adventures and her gorgeous little car (which I am very envious of). Ramona also agreed to answer some questions which I could feature on this post, if you’re interested read below, and also keep scrolling to see three of her gorgeous Castle Combe photos:

• Tell me about yourself 

I’m Mona and I’m a 24 year old instagrammer from Somerset! I travel around the UK with my boyfriend taking portraits and landscape photos. I love timeless and unspoiled villages and homes.

• Tell me about your beautiful car!

I always wanted a Morris Minor, even as a child! So when the opportunity came I bought the first one I fell in love with, and it takes us around the country on adventures.

What made you visit castle Combe and what were your thoughts?

I visited Castle Combe after seeing a photo of it and thinking it was too good to be true, but it is true. It’s beautiful. You can see why so many films were made there.

• One thing you would give to your followers as ‘advice’ or a guide to weekends away in England. 

I think don’t be afraid to take your time and just drive. That’s how we find a lot of the places we visit. It’s easy to make plans based on blogs or Instagram, but there are so many hidden gems to find if you go for a drive or a walk.

Photos by @monalouge
Thank you Mona!
As always, love Elise x

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