Build Your Own Burger in Cardiff

In May, Lewis and I went to Cardiff for three days/ two nights. It was quite a last-minute trip and all we knew was that we wanted to drive around the Black Mountains and get some photos of Lewis’ car. We were also just really excited to have a weekend away and spend some quality time together. Of course if you know me, you’ll know that the most important thing on a weekend away is finding good spots to eat out.

So we stumbled upon the restaurant called Time&Beef and we instantly knew that’s where we wanted our first dinner. What we really loved about this restaurant was that you completely build your own burger, from the bun to the sauce. I love how they do it, they give you a little piece of paper (as seen in the photos), that have all of the different options on, and you just tick the options you would like and at the end you can name your burger! We did also decide to get cocktails which were so yummy, and a cheeky side order of chilli cheese chips. When we ordered the chilli cheese chips, I thought we were just going to get a few pieces of chilli and a bit of cheese on some chips but no, they came out with a full on plate of chips smothered in chilli con carne! I was in heaven! I decided to go with a beef burger and I ordered mozzarella on top with loads of mushrooms and salad inside, and I called it the mushroom mountain. Lewis also got a beef burger with jalapeños, chilli cheese and all sorts on top which made it super spicy! We had the loveliest dinner, and our host, Chris, was so friendly and more than happy to come and recommend different things for us to do during our stay in Cardiff.  I absolutely loved the vibe in the restaurant, everybody was so friendly and laid-back and it was as though you knew everybody in the room. They had also recently been doing works in the restaurant so it’s all very modern, and they are also working on a garden at the moment which is super exciting!! We will definitely be going back there, and I highly recommend it to you if you are planning on travelling to Cardiff.

As always, love Elise x

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