Drive Through the Black Mountains with us!

If you are car lover like my boyfriend Lewis, then I highly recommend taking a drive to Wales and finding the Black Mountains! It’s a quite a journey to get there from Cardiff, but when we did it was so worth it! The views were beautiful and sheep were running around everywhere, we went in the morning so it wasn’t too busy either. In fact I think we were one of maybe 15 cars there! So it’s the perfect spot for photos, and I even went running up the hills on the side to get birds photos Lewis’ car. We had planned to fly the drone there, however we haven’t used it in so long and simply couldn’t set it up when we were there. Because we missed out on this opportunity, we will have to make another trip hopefully this year! I highly recommend if you have a drone, taking it there ready to use as there are perfect photo opportunities, and if your drone is like mine you can even set it to follow the car when it’s moving. As it’s so quiet there, you will not be disturbing anybody by flying over them, well maybe just the sheep! There little laybys where you can park the car, and we did jump out to get some photos for myself as well. It’s so much fun to explore and climb up the hills and even get quite close to some sheep!! ( I love sheep). If you are already heading that direction to visit Brecon Beacons , I highly recommend taking a d-tour before/after and driving through the Black Mountains as it is so quiet compared to Brecon Beacons. Brecon Beacons was lovely but it was so packed, you could not drive the way you would like to and we often had to wait in queues (not great if the reason you’re going is for the drive). Any questions just ask!

As always, love Elise x

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