Using a Dome on the GoPro Hero 4

After seeing so many half over and half underwater photos on Instagram I decided I had to get involved! I already had a GoPro Hero 4, however I tried to take photos with that and it didn’t have the same affect. I saw many of these photos on Instagram and decided to ask somebody, and they told me I would have to buy a dome housing for GoPro Hero 4. So, I bought the cheapest one I could of Amazon which I believe was around £40 and took it to Turkey with me on our recent trip in May. I was so happy To finally got the photos that I always wanted!! The only issue I have with the dome is the fact that it is such a nightmare to clean after use, and you need to do it every time otherwise the water dries and stains onto the dome and ruins future photos. Here is the link to buy the dome from Amazon, obviously you could go for a more expensive one which could be better, but from my experience I did really like this one.

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As always, love Elise X

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