A Memorable Stay at The Master Builder’s – A New Forest Hotel.

So for once, the weather in England was sunny and we had to take this opportunity to explore The New Forest (every other time we visited it poured with rain)! If you don’t know The New Forest, then you need to. It’s a gorgeous National Park filled with wild horses, cows, donkeys, deer and sheep located near Southampton (South England). It is such a beautiful area that the first time Lewis took me there, I sat in the car and cried my eyes out with pure happiness. So, if you haven’t yet been, get it on the top of your England bucket list!!

Once we arrived, we drove round and round, going from one village to the next and stopping every now and then to get a close look at the wildlife. We stopped on a popular high street in Lyndhurst for some lunch and a much-needed coffee, at a cute little deli called The Forage who served the perfect light lunch. We then decided to make the most of the lush weather and head to the beach (Christchurch), which was a half hour journey from Lyndhurst. We parked up and walked down to the sandy beach and just chilled out in the sun for a couple of hours before deciding to head back into The New Forest to get to our hotel which I was very excited about!

Our Hotel

We stayed the night in a gorgeous, posh hotel called ‘The Master Builder’s’ located in a the small village, Beaulieu which is in The New Forest. My first thoughts on the hotel as we drove up towards it was how well-kept and peaceful it was, and I liked how it was out of the way and hidden within the forest, rather than being plonked on a high street (not that there’s anything wrong with that). We parked up and strolled through the beautiful walkway to towards the main reception to check in, where the receptionist is was incredibly helpful, and even gave us a walk around tour of the hotel and grounds! We took our bags to out ‘Posh Classics” room which was 100% my style so I was very happy! It was mostly white, which cute little blue features which made it all look so pretty.

The hotel had a gorgeous living area for visitors to relax, read and enjoy the river view with a huge fireplace which would make the room so cosy in the winter time. I really wish we spent more time in there as it was beautifully done and only as we were leaving we found their board games including an original monopoly!!! (Mine and Lewis’ favourite game)! That evening, we decided as it was so sunny, we would have our dinner in the Yachtman’s bar and garden where we enjoyed a very spicy pizza, and burger (clearly a break from my diet)! the view if you choose to sit in the gardens was beautiful, you could sit and watch boats go up and down for hours… A few glasses of wine and ciders later, we headed back to the room to chill out and watch a movie.

We slept really well and woke up leisurely and got ready for breakfast, which we had in the Riverview Restaurant which had a real contemporary feel with lots of pretty plants. We both ordered a full English breakfast and helped ourselves to pastries and fruit. The food at The Master Builders was so lovely and well presented – something that we always look for when eating out! All in all, our stay was absolutely perfect and we couldn’t have asked for any more. Cannot wait to stay at The Master Builders again!!

To book your stay at this gorgeous posh hotel, click the link! http://www.hillbrookehotels.co.uk/the-master-builders/contact-us/ 

After checking out, we continued to drive around The New Forest and realised that we often spend most of our time in the middle/bottom of the National Park, and decided to take a drive further north. We found many gorgeous villages that were so much quieter than the well-known areas, and there we also found more sheep and friendly donkeys (one of which stuck his head in the car and tried to lick my face!!)

From there we drove home, and unfortunately got stuck in 4 hours of traffic (boooo). However it was the perfect weekend and I cannot wait to book my next trip to The New Forest, if you have any questions of need any tips, feel free to message me and,

As always, love Elise x



This is a sponsored post with The Master Builders Hotel.

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