Host a Pingle Activity in London!

A while back, I discovered an amazing app called Pingle, which allows you to host and join events in London, Stockholm, Copenhagen and more! I always keep my eye on the app for interesting events to join, but this time decided to host one myself. Seeing as I am always on the hunt for coffee shops, I thought what’s better than hosting a coffee meet to ‘beat the Monday blues’ and it sure did. So, on a sunny afternoon in London, I hosted my very first Pingle meet up, drank iced lattes, chatted to strangers and left with a smile on my face!



Want to join a Pingle event? If you’re looking for something to do when in London, and fancy meeting some new, exciting people, then I’d highly recommend downloading the Pingle App and scrolling through some of the fun events that people have planned. The majority of events are fairly accessible to everyone and at low costs, which is great.



Fancy hosting an event that’s not on the app already? Why not create your own event on the app!? Whether it’s a coffee date, bar crawl or walk through the museum, you can host pretty much anything on this app! It can be a little daunting at first, especially if you are a shy person. However, once you get chatting to new people, you soon feel comfortable and eager to get social! For my Pingle activity, I chose my favourite thing to do, which is chill out in coffee shops! We went to Tomtoms cafe, and everyone really liked their orders. There are plenty of cafes in London so if that’s what you’d enjoy hosting, you’ll be spoilt for choice. The thing we all loved about Tomtoms cafe was, the friendly staff members and extra effort they made, to ensure our drinks looked just as as good as they tasted! We would definitely visit again.



As always, love Elise x



P.S. This is a paid partnership with Pingle. As always, opinions are my own and honest.

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