How to get around in Istanbul.

Walk: The best way to get around Istanbul is on foot. It’s free, so won’t affect your travel budget, and it’s the best way to catch every cute coffee house, gorgeous rug shops and more. Make sure you take some comfy shoes though, as some tourist attractions are quite far from each other. 

Tram & Bus: There are so many trams and busses that travel very often throughout the city, and they won’t break the bank either. You’ll need to grab an Istanbulkart, which you can buy from one of many machines by the stations around the city. They cost 6TRY and you can top them up as you need them. You can use one card for up to five people, and just scan it on the machine for each person as you go through the entrance gates. 

Taxi: You can of course get taxis anywhere around the city, you can find a number for them online or just flag one down as you see them driving – someone will stop for you! Just be careful that you are not over-charged, as this is pretty common in the city.

Happy travelling!

As always, love Elise x

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