The Best Breakfast in Derbyshire.

Hunting down the best spot to go out for breakfast? I’ve found the best restaurant in Derbyshire that serves delicious coffee and breakfast! Bottle & Thyme is a gorgeous, modern restaurant that is open Wednesday – Monday from 9am (10am on Sundays). The food, drinks and friendly staff will not disappoint!

Bottle & Thyme’s style is very green and pretty and one of the best things about it is their zero waste ethos. The restaurant do everything they can do reduce waste which has never been so important. They get daily deliveries to avoid food spoiling and encourage customers to take food home if they have leftovers. They refuse unnecessary packaging from deliveries and give customers 10% off hot drinks when bringing a reusable cup. Any leftover fruit gets dehydrated to use in cocktails and the menu changes during the year to match what food is available. how great is that?!

What we ordered:

  • Chai Latte
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Wild Mushrooms and Buttered Spinach on Toast & Sausage
  • Eggs Benedict & Smoked Salmon


Enjoy your visit & let me know if you enjoyed it!

As always, love Elise x

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