Should Cappadocia be on your Bucket List?

If you haven’t already heard of Turkey’s stunning region of Cappadocia, then type it into Instagram or Pinterest and the gorgeous balloon-filled sky photos will come flooding in. Once you’ve seen it, it’s pretty hard to forget about. For myself, and I know many others, it is a destination that quickly scores itself high up on your bucket list. But is Cappadocia worth the hype?

Well, that all depends on WHY you’re going. Are you going for the culture? Are you visiting to soak up some history? Do you want to witness the hundreds of balloons that take-off at sunrise? Are you interested in the caves? Are you here for pretty photos?

YES! make it number 1!

Yes yes yes & 100 times more YES! Cappadocia is BEAUTIFUL! There is a feel to it that cannot be put into words, so you’ll have to go and experience that for yourself. Cappadocia was formed due to a volcanic eruption millions of years go, and overtime it formed these ‘chimneys’ which for many years, people would live in. There are so many to explore, some of which are still safe to go inside. During your visit, you can stay in a cave hotel to enjoy the full experience, Göreme is one of the main areas that are filled with gorgeous boutique hotels that look out to the chimneys so you can watch the balloons fly in the morning.

Balloons fly every morning (weather permitting), and take off during sunrise. This is what makes the region so iconic, and such a popular place to visit. You’ll have to wake up really early to witness this, but it is 100% worth it. That view was my bucket list priority and it was even better than any photo I’ve seen of it.

There are also lots of lovely cafes and restaurants to try out during your stay, and so so many gift shops to pick up those important souvenirs! Just wandering around the little streets and meeting sweet little cats and dogs is enough to make you feel stress-free! There are many different areas within Cappadocia that you can visit and gorgeous walks through the iconic caves. You can do this in groups with a guided tour, or arrange transport yourself and do what you want, when you want. There are taxis everywhere and their prices are quite reasonable.



WHen to avoid?

If you’re here purely because you’ve seen a couple of pretty photos on Instagram then please think about your trip before you visit. As you scroll through the internet looking at Travel Bloggers’ photos, please remember that this is CONTENT for them, not REAL LIFE. YES you will see hundreds of balloons fly up together as the sun-rises and it is one of the most magical things you’ll witness, but these photos of a huge breakfast buffet or in front of lanterns and Turkish rugs all come at a cost. YES the locals are geniuses! They, before many others have caught on to the Instagram hype and the need to get that perfect photo to show off to your followers. So, they charge for these privileges – and rightly so. So if this is your intention, this is not a bucket list destination for you.



All in all, I definitely think this is a place that everyone should see at least once in their lives. it is such a magical place with the most incredible views from hotels, restaurants, viewpoints and balloons!!! Have. lovely time and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did…

As always, love Elise x

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