Lake Bled’s Cosy Cabin Hotel – Pension Berc.

On the hunt for the perfect place to stay during your visit to Lake Bled? Are you looking for a cosy, clean and spacious hotel just a five minute walk away from the beautiful Lake? I’ve found the perfect place for you! Pension Berc is a stunning cabin-style hotel, just a short walk from Lake Bled, and is the perfect place for a retreat.


Pension Berc

Pension Berc is a stunning hotel located a 3 minute walk from the beautiful landscape of Lake Bled. This hotel is very traditional and holds good values. The staff were beyond friendly and very eager to recommend must-see activities and help you plan your trip. They were always smiling and interested in more than simply checking you into your room, which made us feel very welcome! There are many options for your stay ranging from a standard room, to a suite (a two floor area with living space and a balcony). Pension Berc also offers amazing packages for short breaks, such as a wellness package and a 3-day pampering experience. This hotel is designed beautifully and makes you feel relaxed anyway – so I imagine a pampering package would be INCREDIBLE!


The Suite

During our visit, we stayed in the suite, which was better than we could have ever imagined. When booking, if you have a little extra money to spend on accommodation, then I would highly recommend upgrading to the suite, as you get so much more living space. The whole hotel has a cabin-style theme with wooden EVERYTHING! We loved this – the walls and ceiling were wooden and all the furnishings were of course wooden. As you enter the suite, you are welcomed by a mini fridge with complimentary drinks, a cosy sofa and TV to wind down. The bathroom is very modern and clean – with a double sink and spacious shower. Up the stairs you’ll find a huge bedroom with high ceilings and a super cosy bed. There is even a small balcony to enjoy your morning coffee with a view over the hotel grounds.


The Breakfast

Breakfast is set up in a cosy part of the hotel by reception, where you can help yourself to a morning coffee, tea and a lovely selection of fresh bread, meats and cheeses. There are cereals to choose from and plant based milks. I love hotel buffet breakfasts because you can have exactly what you’d like, and I think we went through about 5 coffees between the two of us! Whilst enjoying a nice, quiet breakfast the ideal thing to do would be to plan your day ahead! If you need any questions, tips or recommendations, the staff at Pension Berc are more than happy to help so just ask!

Click here to head to Pension Berc’s Website and book your much-needed getaway!


The Surroundings

Lake Bled is the most beautiful lake I have seen to date, and is only a 3 minute walk from Pension Berc Hotel. The walk around the lake is 6km and takes between 1 to 2 hours to walk around, and it is the most picturesque walk in the area. There are many cafes and restaurants around the lake, so you can grab a drink or a bite to eat along the way! Tip: Start your walk about 30/40 mins before sunset, the views were stunning as the sun was setting – don’t forget your camera! You can catch a boat ride to the island, or even hire a small boat to yourselves and row away! In the summer, there are many water-based activities to enjoy such as swimming, kayaking and more. In the winter, the lake often freezes which makes an incredible ice skating rink (enjoy at your own risk). October is an amazing time to visit Lake Bled as the autumnal colours are so beautiful and it isn’t as busy with tourists as it would be in the summer.


As always, love Elise x

P.S. This was a complimentary experience in exchange for my review and photos. As always, opinions are my own and honest.

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