How Long Does it Take to Walk Around Lake Bled?

Lake Bled, located in the North West of Slovenia is a popular tourist destination and rightly so for many reasons. This beautiful lake is surrounded by mountains and greenery – although if you visit during autumn, the colours are vibrant orange and red which makes it even more beautiful! During autumn, it is also less busy with tourists and there isn’t as much going on, so it makes a quieter time to experience the scenery.

So, you fancy walking around Lake Bled and want to know how much time to dedicate to this? The walk around the entire lake is around 6km long. Typically, if you are walking non-stop, this will take you around an hour and a half. However, if you are anything like me, I can tell you now that you will NOT take an hour and a half. The views as you walk around the lake are just so so beautiful, and I assure you, you will be making lots of stops for photos and just to soak in the view. There are a huge range of cafes, bars and restaurants to stop off during your walk, or you may even fancy taking a boat to the island, so bare this in mind when planning out your day. I would highly recommend taking the walk if you can, because the view is completely different from each and every side.


As always, love Elise x

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