20 Things to do When You’re Stuck Indoors

In light of the COVID-19 situation, most of us (if not already) are about to find ourselves in a situation where we will be spending all of our time at home. Whilst to some that doesn’t seem so bad, to others it can become very boring and testing on our mental health. So, I’ve thought of a few things to do at home whilst you’re stuck in this uncontrollable situation, or if you’re planning a relaxing weekend to wind down but are in need of a few ideas.


Practice Yoga / Meditate

Practicing yoga or meditating is something that can be unappealing to many, but if you were to give it a go, I think you may really enjoy it. Whilst being cooped up at home, this will provide a chance for you to get moving, keep your body awake and calm during this time. If you don’t know how to practice yoga, then there are so many Youtube Videos that you can watch that will guide you through the process. Just search for ‘yoga’, or ‘yoga for beginners’ in the Youtube search bar or click here.


Clear Out Your Wardrobe

Seeing as you’re about to be spending a long time at home, why not spend this time starting your ‘spring clean’. That wardrobe you’ve been meaning to sort through? The cupboards that need clearing out? The loft that needs rearranging? Now is the time! If you’re unable to get out of the house at the moment then keep your unwanted items aside, and when the time is right you can get these to your local charity shop.


Do some Gardening

With everyone being such busy bees all the time, gardens often get forgotten and are actually the perfect place to spend some time. Gardening is a brilliant way to get some fresh air, a bit of exercise and is amazing for de-stressing and reducing mental health issues. Why not plant some pretty flowers to bloom in the spring, or even plant some of your own vegetables!


Take a Break!

It goes without saying! Take the break you’ve been needing for a while. This is a time to unwind, destress, catch up with everything whilst the rest of the world waits. Enjoy this time. Put your feet up, watch a movie, read a book, play some games, just enjoy the time.


Read a Book

This is the perfect time to pick up a new book and spend some time indulging in a story or two. Even if you don’t have books at home to choose from, you can always download one to your kindle, phone or laptop. You may find it is your new hobby!


Learn a New Language

Learning a new language is something I will definitely be doing with my time indoors, and I think it will appeal to a lot of people – especially my travel loving friends! Use the app Duolingo on your phone or research for the best learning tools and get going! There are also lots of Youtube videos that you can work with to learn your new language.


Cook Something Special

If you’re like me, and love cooking then this already sounds very appealing. I love to cook special meals, present them nicely and do the whole 3-course meal with wine extravaganza, but if you’re not like me, then I understand that this may not sound so exciting. But why not find a recipe on Pinterest, something you know you’ll enjoy, and have a go at cooking for your family.


Clean, Organise & Clean

Clean clean clean and clean some more! Yes I know, this will not appeal to everyone. But for those of you know are like me, and go crazy cleaning and organising when in a productive mood then why not?! You’ll be grateful for it tomorrow, when you’re not in such a productive mood!


Draw, Colour, Write

Why not spend this time doing something creative such as drawing or other forms of arts and crafts? If you’re not the creative type then you could even write some mini-stories or a letter to a friend? It would be lovely to give it to them when you see them… eventually!


Have a Family Party!

Stick some music on, get the board games out, crack open a beer and celebrate like its New Years Eve! If you’ve got kids, they will love you for this.


Host a Family Quiz

For all you who love a challenge, choose a designated leader to form some questions and host a family quiz! The winner gets to choose what movie you all watch that evening. It’s a bit of fun and you may learn a thing or two!


Dig Out the Old Photos and Videos

Why not dust the cobwebs in the loft and dig out all the old family videos and photos and reminisce. The day you were born? Aw. The amazing family holiday you had 10 years ago? The time your brother fell off the swing? Have a laugh and reminisce with your closest.


Get Creative

That thing you keep saving on Pinterest, but never get the time to make it yourself? Give it go! Now you can post your own photo on Pinterest and show them what you can do.


Learn a New Skill

If there’s something you’ve always wanted to learn then nows the time. Ideas:

  • Baking
  • Sewing
  • Playing an instrument
  • Learn to draw
  • Knitting
  • Learn Origami


Indoor Scavenger Hunt

This is great if you’re stuck indoors with the kids. Find a bunch of items to hide around the house and let them run wild to find them. OR hide one item and leave a set of riddles around the house from one location leading to the next until they find the hidden item. Winner gets a bag of sweets.


Take an Online Course

There are countless sites online where you can take an online course to learn a new subject, skill or extend what you already know. You’ll come out the other side a new person with so much fresh knowledge.


Build a Fort

Another great one if you have kids stuck at home with you. Give them all the blankets, duvets, pillow and cushions you can find and challenge them to build the best fort they possibly can! Then they can play games and hideout in there – so much fun!


Make Pizzas and Watch Movies

If you’ve got the ingredients or have some way of getting them, why not make pizzas? It’ll keep you busy and amused for ages PLUS, you get to eat them after! You can choose all the toppings you’d like and you can even buy ready-made bases if you don’t fancy making there dough yourself.


Build a Bug Home for the Garden

Use all the sticks and materials you can find in the garden to build a bug home and fill it with leaves and soil. Check back in a week or two and see what bugs have decided to settle in!


Make a scrapbook

All of those photos and keepsakes you’ve been hoarding from all your trips and special events can finally be put together in a scrapbook! The whole family can get involved with this and it’s something you can keep forever.



Well, that wraps up 20 things you can do whilst you’re stuck indoors. If you have any more ideas I’d love to hear them in the comments! Follow the blog to keep up with the adventure!

As always, love Elise x

4 thoughts on “20 Things to do When You’re Stuck Indoors

  1. Lots of great suggestions, Elise. I’m not at all short of things to do but the will to do them is sometimes lacking. Sitting in the sun with a book and watching the washing dry, with the sea on the horizon right now. Stay safe and thanks for your company 🤗💕

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