Driving From the UK to Brugge and Ghent and Back in One Weekend

If you’re after a weekend away but want to see and do lots, this is the perfect trip. The guide is based on one full weekend (2 days, 1 night), visiting two Belgium cities from the UK and back. The cities you’ll be in this trip include Brugge and Ghent, and the trip requires a car. Read on to see my itinerary to see two Belgium cities in two days. The guide will include prices, hotel recommendations, restaurants, cafes and more.



Saturday Morning: Head to Dover, in Kent and board your ferry to Calais. They recommend you get there about an hour before your departure time, in order to ensure everyone gets on the boat swiftly and they can leave on time. You’ll be directed to the right place to wait and then eventually board the ferry where you can then get out of the car a do a little shopping / get some food. The earlier the better. I recommend getting the ferry as early as 7am to make the most of your trip. The ferry ride takes around 90 minutes, and then it’s a further 90 minute drive from Calais to Brugge.

Saturday Day: You’ve arrived in Brugge. Find somewhere to park and then you can get started on your adventure. Make sure you visit the Markt Square, the Torture Museum and definitely get a Belgium waffle during your visit. Enjoy the day exploring Brugge and winding in and out of the narrow streets, seeing the beautiful buildings, quaint cafes and fancy chocolate shops. My dinner recommendation: Poules Moules is the loveliest restaurant – order the sweet wine!

Saturday Evening: After you’ve spent the day in Brugge it’ll be time to unwind and head to a hotel. You’ll need plenty of sleep for your busy day tomorrow. Where to stay: Cimbarsaca B&B – a beautiful, modern Hotel with a lovely host.



Sunday Morning: Enjoy breakfast and then head out to Ghent for another day of exploring. Ghent was a lot quieter and easier to find parking than Brugge, but this also depends on the time of year. I recommend walking the streets of Ghent and then taking a boat tour of the city. This was an amazing way to see the city and the tour guides were filled with information about the city, I’m surprised by how much I learned! Tickets for the boat tour are available right on the canal in the centre and are very affordable.

Sunday Afternoon/ Evening: Before you go, you must make sure you see plenty of the city, and also stop by Huize Collete for the best hot chocolate in Ghent! After that it’ll be time to head back to Calais to catch your ferry ride home. The drive back to Calais will take around 100 minutes, but check the route at the time in case of delay. Once again, you’ll need to be at the port about an hour before your departure time. The ferry ride is 90 minutes long and then the drive home on the other side!



The costs of the trip are broken down into categories below, which will vary dependent on time of year, accommodation and food choices. However this is what I spent over the two days:

  • Petrol – £40
  • Ferry Crossing (return) – £60
  • B&B – £120
  • Food & Drink – £80
  • Admission to Attractions – £50

These costs are for two people over two days and include everything we spent, bringing the total to £350 or £175 per person. The trip could have been done on a smaller budget, if we stayed in a cheaper hotel and didn’t spend much money in restaurants, however we did everything we wanted to do on this budget.

I hope you enjoy your weekend away in Belgium, visiting two cities in two days!

As always, love Elise x

2 thoughts on “Driving From the UK to Brugge and Ghent and Back in One Weekend

  1. Loved this!! Loved the section about all of the prices. So good to know what sort of spending money you need for a holiday!!!
    Thank you for another great read 😌😌

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