Where to get the Best Bagels in Riga.

So, you’re visiting Latvia and want to find the best place to eat in Riga? I’ve found the place that will tick all the boxes! It’s the best place if you’re eating on a budget, if you’re after something delicious and suits meat lovers, vegetarians and vegans! Even if bagels aren’t your favourite thing in the world, they will be after you visit Big Bad Bagels! Click here to find Big Bag Bagels location and here to head to their website! How to get there? Big Bag Bagels is in walking distance from Riga Old Town, but if you don’t fancy the walk you can catch a bus (the 316, 336, 21, 3 and 271 all go to this area, but double check at the time as schedules & routes can change).

Enjoy your Bagels!

Somewhere I need know know about?! Tell me in the comments, I’m always interested in recommendations!

As always, love Elise x

2 thoughts on “Where to get the Best Bagels in Riga.

  1. I had no idea that Riga had a bagel scene. When I visited, I really got into their coffee culture, as I went to several cafes. Very delicious and affordable; sounds like their bagels are awesome, too!

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    1. I didn’t either until I got there! I noticed a lot of cafes had them, and then we found this bagel shop and fell in love!! 😍 🥯

      Oh yes, they’re amazing for coffee too. It’s such a lovely city!

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