How to Get to Riga Motormuseum

So you’re exploring Riga and want to experience something a little different? This is one of the best things to do in Riga, Latvia, if you like history and motors! It’s a little out of the city but very easy to get to so this shouldn’t be a problem. Scroll down to find out how to get there!

Entry Prices: Adult – 10 Euros, Child/Student/Senior – 5 Euros



How to Get There

Riga Motormuseum is located just outside of the main city, and is about a 2 hour walk (each way) from Riga Old Town, so jumping on a bus isn’t a bad idea, and bring your travel time down to 50 minutes (each way). You can catch the 21 bus (bus number may vary) from Riga Old Town, or from the International Bus Terminal, and the busses come every 20 mins (times may vary). I recommend using Google Maps to help you catch the right bus and also track your journey so that you’re sure of when to get off the bus. When you get off you will walk down one road for about 10-15 mins, and you’ll see Riga Motormuseum on your right. To get back, just head back to the bus stop area, and you’ll see a bus stop opposite you, cross the road and catch the bus back to Riga centre!

Please note that the bus numbers and timetables may change, so always check at the time of travel. This information is based on a timetable and trip in March 2020.


As always, love Elise x

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