How to Spend the Weekend in Riga, Latvia.

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How to Spend the Weekend in Riga, Latvia.

Riga is the beautiful Capital city in Latvia, crammed with history, cute cafes and beautiful buildings. It is a fairly small city that can easily be explored in 2 to 3 days. Scroll on to see my travel guide, and how to spend the weekend in Riga, Latvia, with all the best things to do, places to eat and more!


Try to get a morning flight to Riga, so that you can arrive in the city as early as possible, I find the best and cheapest flights using Skyscanner. When you get out of the airport you can head to the bus stop just outside and catch a bus directly into the city, which takes around 30-40 minutes. After you’ve dropped your luggage off at the hotel its time to start exploring!

Firstly, why not try out one of Riga’s lovely cafes for a cup of coffee or brunch!? Riga is a great city for lovely coffee shops, and great bites to eat. Some of my favourites in the city include:

After a much needed coffee boost, why not spend some time exploring the old town. It is a fairly small area and a beautiful place to walk around and get some photos of the colourful buildings, this way you will see so much more than running from A to B.

On your walk, make sure you see:

If you are interested in War History, then I would highly recommend a visit to The Latvian War Museum, there is so much information as well as items from the war. It really opens your eyes to the history of Latvia. Entry for the Latvian War Museum is FREE.

Once you’ve finished exploring for the way, it’ll be time to get something to eat! Riga is filled with lovely restaurants with good food, at good value for money. Some restaurants I can recommend include:

Head back to your hotel and get lots of sleep, ready for day two!


Sunday morning after breakfast, jump on a bus and head to Riga Motormuseum (just outside the city centre). If you’re wondering how to get there, read my blog post ‘How to get to Riga Motormuseum‘, but don’t stress as it’s really easy! Typically, people spend between 1 and 2 hours at the Motormuseum, so allow plenty of time to explore. It’s a lot of fun, especially if you are into cars and bikes! Entry prices: Adult 10 Euros, Child 5 Euros.

When you come back to the city, get off the bus before the old town and head to ‘The Corner House‘ and learn some valuable history. The Corner House is a FREE museum and is a great way to learn about the History of Riga.

Just a 5 minute walk from the Corner House is ‘Big Bad Bagels’, the best bagels in Riga! After some yummy bagels head to St. Peter’s Church for the best views over the city – this is something you cannot miss!

Enjoy another delicious dinner in the city, and then it is time to head back to the airport! Head to Riga International Station to catch the bus back to the airport.

I hope you enjoy your weekend in Riga!

As always, love Elise x

2 thoughts on “How to Spend the Weekend in Riga, Latvia.

  1. Ah, I missed the Cat House when I was in Riga! Such a tiny, but quirky piece of art. The Art Nouveau buildings are gorgeous, though, and it was a fond memory from the Latvian capital. Thanks for sharing!


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