Yorkshire’s Best Coastline Towns.

When exploring Yorkshire, you’ll get a little bit (or a lot) of everything. You’ll be surrounded by miles of countryside, nature, lots of beautiful towns, beaches and so much more. To make sure you don’t miss out on any of the coastal towns, here is a guide to the best ones on East Yorkshire’s coastline, where to find them and what to do in each one.


First on the list, is a beautiful seaside village that is famous for it’s fishing industry and production of minerals many years ago. There is a car park at the top of the village, and you can walk down the hill to get to the seafront, along with restaurants, independent shops and more. As you get to the bottom of the hill, on the right, you’ll see the road that leads to the shops and restaurants, and on the left you’ll see the harbour, where you’ll soon see the boats and iconic view that you see in all of the photos. Be prepared – it’s a steep walk back to the top!


Whitby is a much larger town than many of the others, with a much bigger shopping area and a large harbour filled with boats. Because of this, Whitby is a busier, more touristy town filled with restaurants and souvenir shops. When in Whitby, ensure you see the Whitby Abbey (you have to pay to go in, but can get a good view from outside if you want to save your pennies). There are also a couple of good museums to visit, as well as a huge beach and a wonderful view of the town from the top of the famous 199 Steps.

Robin Hood’s Bay

Next up, and just a 15 minute drive or two hour walk from Whitby, is Robin Hood’s Bay. Robin Hood’s Bay is a beautiful picturesque fishing town, filled with gorgeous cottages, beautiful restaurants and more. If travelling by car, you have to park at the top of the hill and walk down, but be warned, it’s a steep climb back up! Click here to read my post about spending a weekend away in Robin Hood’s Bay, including where to stay.


Ravenscar is a very small village by the coast and is surrounded by miles of countryside. There is a beautiful walk down to the coast, as well as a cafe and restaurant in the village. Ravenscar Hall Hotel has a restaurant home to the most beautiful view of the coast, which makes the perfect place to stop for lunch after a long hike.


Scarborough is another beautiful town, this time with a huge sandy beach. Again, this town is a lot bigger than some of the others and therefore busier too. As well as the beach, Scarborough is home to Peasholm Park, a Japanese-styled landscape park, a castle, a heritage railway and so much more, which is what makes it perfect for the whole family.

I hope you have an amazing time exploring Yorkshire’s best coastline towns, let me know what you think of each one!

As always, love Elise x

8 thoughts on “Yorkshire’s Best Coastline Towns.

  1. Whitby has recently caught my interest to want to go. I’ll be sure to add Robin Hood’s Bay to the list as well should I return to the UK some day!


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