Ten Things to do this Christmas Despite Covid-19.

Christmas is approaching and there is still so much uncertainty as to what we can and cannot do during this festive season. Covid-19 has turned the year 2020 upside down and now that we are approaching Christmas, many are afraid that it’ll spoil our festive traditions too. So many of the events we love year after year have been cancelled, but that doesn’t mean that Christmas is cancelled! Keep scrolling to find some Covid-safe Christmas ideas to do with your friends and family (or maybe just your household) this year.

Have a Cosy Christmas Movie Night

There are countless Christmas themed movies out there, so pick your favourites, pop your cosy festive pyjamas on and get cosy!

Go For a Christmas Lights Drive

Once everyone has decorated their houses with beautiful lights and festive decor, why not take a drive around the neighbourhood and get into the Christmas mood. You could rate each house out of ten for their efforts!

Get Stuck in a Christmas Bake Off!

Seeing as many of us will be staying in our own homes this Christmastime, why not host a Christmas themed bake off? Start a Zoom, Facetime or Skype video call with your loved ones, and compete to see who can make the best festive bakes!

Have a Christmas Themed Game Night

Grab some Christmas themed games, make some tasty snacks and get competitive! If you are socially distancing, you can still find some games that can be played over video chats.

Go For a Christmas Lights Walk

If you don’t mind the cold, why not walk around the neighbourhood and admire everyone’s outdoor Christmas decorations.

Do Some Christmas Arts and Crafts

There are countless things you can make this Christmas, from homemade stockings and greeting cards, to baubles and jumpers!

Take Part in a Gingerbread House Competition

Another one you can do on video chats if needed – find a gingerbread house kit and get building. Or, if you’re really creative, make them from scratch!

Make a Christmas Wreath

Christmas wreaths are really fun to make, and the best thing is, no one will have the same one as you! There are some online classes that offer this, or I’m sure you could find a tutorial on YouTube too.

Set up a Christmas Scavenger Hunt

This is a fun one, especially for the kids! Hide some chocolates and/or small Christmas gifts around the house and leave clues for your family to find them!

Make a Homemade Christmas Gift

Nothing says personal like a homemade Christmas gift! There are countless things you could make, so get creative.

I hope you all enjoy your Christmas in 2020, and find some of these ideas helpful. We won’t let Covid-19 ruin our festive season! Happy Christmas everyone!

As always, love Elise x

3 thoughts on “Ten Things to do this Christmas Despite Covid-19.

  1. Couldn’t have said it better! Although I’d say that all those activities you listed can be done regardless of COVID-19 or not…staying home during the holiday seasons is honestly the best time to step back and enjoy the small, simple pleasures of life with family, friends, and loved ones. Happy holidays!


    1. I think Christmas movie nights are a must!! After a day of Christmas baking, so you can eat it all whilst watching the movies hahaha. Oh, do let me know if you go for a Christmas lights drive, I hope you see some good ones!


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