A Guide to the Perfect Picnic

We’ve all seen those perfect picnic photos on Instagram, and yes, I am guilty of them too. I can’t help it – the better a picnic set up looks, the better it is, and that’s a fact! I love a picnic in the spring, summer and autumn (winter is pushing it a little too far!), and making the perfect picnic set up is something I get a little too excited about! Here’s my guide to the perfect picnic, so you can have one too.

First, you need to find the perfect picnic spot. You’ll want somewhere that is comfortable, as you could be there for a while. Finding somewhere with a good view or a peaceful surrounding is a must, whether that be by the water, in the middle of the countryside or by somewhere you love. Oh, and if you can catch the sunset too – even better.

Next, you need a blanket. Choose a good blanket, something that is cosy, but also pretty and most importantly – washable! You’re guaranteed to get the blanket dirty from time to time, so make sure you find one that you can pop in the washing machine every now and then.

Now, a basket or bag. You’ll need something to carry all of your food and drink in, and the prettier, the better! I always go for a picnic basket over a bag, as they also tend to come with dish-ware and utensils that you’ll need for the picnic. Oh, and they’re so much fancier too!

Fill the basket with your favourite foods. Now pick all your favourite foods and set them up on the picnic blanket ready for a feast! Don’t forget some yummy fruit – this is essential for a good picnic! The more fresh things you can include, the better. Go for a nice wrap/sandwich/pasta or salad, and add some picky bits on the side. A mix of sweet and savoury means there will be something for everyone!

Compliment with drinks. Add some of your favourite drinks to the set up, whether it be a good wine or some juice, this make take your picnic to the next level!

Add flowers and props if you’re feeling extra! Feeling a little bit fancy? You can make your picnic extra special by adding in a bunch of fresh flowers and/or props to make your picnic set up extra dreamy. Don’t forget to take photos!

Enjoy your picnic and don’t forget to tag me in your photos on Instagram – I can’t wait to see what you create! @elisetanriverdi

As always, love Elise x

One thought on “A Guide to the Perfect Picnic

  1. I’m a sucker for beautiful photos of the food for picnics; looks like you captured some good ones! The photo with you in it is stunning as well, with the sunset(?) accentuating the background all the more. Thanks for the tips!


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