A Less-Touristy, but Incredibly Beautiful Italian Lake.

Northern Italy is a picturesque, mountainous area filled with lakes, countryside views and quaint towns. The lakes in Northern Italy are very popular among tourists, they have managed to keep their charm, beauty and authentic style. When someone mentions Italian lakes, the first thing that often comes to mind is Lake Como and Lake Garda … Continue reading A Less-Touristy, but Incredibly Beautiful Italian Lake.

The Best Stroopwaffles in Amsterdam

So you're in Amsterdam and fancy trying out the best stroopwaffles in the city? Don't worry, I've got you covered - I've found a cute little shop in the city where you can choose many different toppings for your stroopwaffles, and then watch them getting made, fresh! VanWonderen Stroopwaffles is the place to go for … Continue reading The Best Stroopwaffles in Amsterdam