Colmar – The Town of Fairytales…

Colmar, Alsace

Colmar is a town everybody must see at least once in their lives. Its beautiful architecture and cobbled streets transport you to another lifetime, whilst their friendly, warm welcome makes you feel right at home. Though it is a destination often filled with tourists, there is a very calm and peaceful feel in this fairytale town that takes all of your stresses away…

Colmar is located in the East of France, right near the border to Switzerland AND Germany, so if you’re travelling or fancy a multi-destination trip, this is the perfect pit-stop! If I’m honest, Colmar old town is quite small, and you could easily do everything in one day without having to rush through. The best time to visit Colmar is in December, once the Christmas Markets are all in action, however this is also the busiest time, so if you’re not a lover of crowds, I’d recommend waiting until late winter/ early spring – just pack a few jumpers and prepare for some rain!




PLAN YOUR VISIT! I cannot stress this enough. Although easier in this post I said you could easily do Colmar in one day, you need to choose your day wisely. It seems that on a Sunday, shops and cafes are closed all day rather than shortened hours; so if you don’t have a car, it leaves you quite stuck for things to do. We hadn’t realised, and pretty much everything other than the toy museum was closed all day. Maybe it was the time of year, as even on the Monday nothing was open before 11am when we had to leave; contrary to Google Maps’ opening times. So keep this in mind when planning your trip!

There are a number of restaurants, cafes and shops to visit as you wander around the old town of Colmar, all with super-polite staff and a cosy atmosphere. Make sure you take a stroll down to La Petite Venice or ‘Little Venice’, in the town, it’s the perfect photo op with a canal running by some beautiful homes.




As always, love Elise x

15 thoughts on “Colmar – The Town of Fairytales…

      1. I’m so glad to hear it! They’re so beautiful. I can’t wait to explore more of it one day, any other favourites you can recommend?

        Oh how lovely! Did you manage to get any photos of them?

        Elise x


    1. Ah really?! I’ll have to look it up! I’m visiting Switzerland next year, so I would love to add that to my must-visit areas! Thank you so much! Was it expensive there??

      Elise. X


  1. You write interesting blogs with quality images carrying high pitch destination profile . . . hopefully you may get a media rail pass 🙂 Send me email – can send some contacts. Some hotels in Schaffhausen may even host you in exchange of good publicity . . . when it comes to hospitality and working with established media that would deliver – Swiss are the best (as to my experience 🙂


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