A Day Trip from Copenhagen to Malmö.

Many opt for a day trip to Malmö during their stay in Copenhagen, given that it is separated only by a bridge, it makes an easy trip and a convenient way to see two cities (in two different countries) in one day. So why not visit Sweden during your travels in Denmark?! How easy is it to get to Sweden from Denmark? This post will explain how to get to Malmö from Copenhagen, how much it will cost and what you will need!


Get There by Bus

Getting the bus from Copenhagen to Malmö is super easy, we use the company Flixbus, who we have found very reliable over the years. The bus journey takes around an hour, sometimes more. The risk you run by choosing to travel by bus is that if someone on board forgets their travel documents, then you all have to wait at the border until the situation can be resolved. We had this problem, where someone on our bus forgot their documents, and we had to wait an hour and a half until we could get moving again, bringing our journey time up to two and a half hours. Your FlixBus will drop you off outside Malmö Central Station, and pick you up from the same point, at the time you have booked. Tickets cost from €5.90 each way. Please remember that you are travelling to another country so DON’T FORGET YOUR PASSPORT!


Get There by Train

Getting to MaGetting to Malmö by train is super easy, cost effective, however it is a little more expensive than getting the bus. You can get the train from Copenhagen Central Station, directly to Malmö Central Station, and the journey takes about 40 minutes (each way). Tickets cost around €10 per person each way. You are travelling to another country so please DON’T FORGET YOUR PASSPORT!

As always, love Elise x

3 thoughts on “A Day Trip from Copenhagen to Malmö.

  1. I would love to visit Copenhagen and then go on a day trip to Malmö. They have one of the most beautiful libraries I’ve ever seen. Just have to wait for this crazy pandemic to come to an end. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva


  2. Should I return to Copenhagen some day, I’d love to hop over to Malmö, let alone a different country, for the day! Your posts on it make the Swedish city all the more enticing to check out, especially for that cute cafe!


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